Our Products

All our emeralds are duly certified, 100% Colombian emeralds from the region of Boyaca and hand cut with high quality raw materials. Therefore we can guarantee a product for lifetime, which will always look at its best. Among the products we offer, you will find emeralds cut in different traditional and modern forms, like cabochons, beads, mills, hand-carved traditional emerald carvings and /or commercial parts, also available for sale as emerald jewelry (rings, rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets and many more). Besides this design and elaborate exclusive emerald jewelry only for you.

Making the best of each gem is painstaking work, starting from the mine to the hands of a skilled craftsman who places the perfect emerald into the right setting. But without any doubt, it is the cutter who with his years of skill and expertise finds a perfect form for the right stone. He decides how to stage every emerald  by its brightness, life, color, shape and size. One of our missions is to preserve the craftsmanship of producing the perfect jewelry,  characterized by its pre-Columbian influences with a knowledge passed down for generations.

The process of making all our products, combines the highest standards of quality with traditional and modern techniques, however this would not be possible without the jeweler craftsmen and carvers, who with their mastery and years of experience turn raw emeralds in pieces worthy of being exported to the world.

Here are some examples of the many ways we cut.


Emerald Ring and heart

Emerald Ring: emerald cut and heart

Cabochon: This is a very common type of carving emeralds and is characterized by a smooth and rounded finishing, sometimes with some soft angles depending on their shape, It is often used in low refractive stones.

Canutillo: hexagonal crystal formations which are rough, and usually marketed with no type size because of their great beauty.

Trapiche: The name refers to a mechanical part of a sugar mill and is perhaps one of the less common types of emerald and the most exotic, They are characterized by being divided into 6 parts and sometimes with a presence of dark minerals that accentuate the division. This type of gem is always carved in cabochon style.

Murralla: this kind of material is rich in emerald, quartz and other minerals, and typically used to make small carvings of great value, which can take as long as several months in their production, however. Some are also sold in some of our jewelry.

Emeralds Cuts

Emeralds Cuts