Our Service

Thirty years ago we started in the Emerald business. Since then we have acquired experience in handling the relation between you, the customer and the manufacturer. We know your needs and know the manufacturer’s capabilities; we pair your interests with his  potentials.

​As an outsourcing extension of the most prestigious Colombian emerald producer who has made Colombian emeralds the most famous in the world, we establish customers’ needs and explain and demonstrate the products, quote and negotiate prices and terms.

We are conveniently located in the Caribbean, just between Colombia and the rest of the world at a very strategic point for several reasons. We have access to certified emeralds like very few on the international market place.  We offer jewelry and cut stones of the highest standards of quality made with traditional and modern techniques. The Colombian emeralds we handle all originate  from Boyacá, where best quality is found, are cut and hand-carved by the best experts, who  draw the highest qualities of each gem.