The Company

The company we represent is a dependency of the International Colombian Emerald Museum  shown Colombian Emeralds at fairs in Hong Kong, China, Tucson, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, France, Italy, Germany, Saudi Arabia, Spain and several cities in the United States. Of course, it also has been present in the most important cultural fairs in Colombia, where foreigners and natives had the pleasure of learning more about the culture of the emerald.

The International Colombian Emerald Museum has provided resources, efforts and logistics to the Colombian society, created more than 30 direct and 60 indirect jobs.

The company has led campaigns against child labor, sponsored the Afro-Ethnic Election, has been allies of all educational institutions who want to teach about the world of emerald and  in art and beauty.  Art exhibitions also publicize new talent and we are proud of our team and collaborators.

We have been decorated and recognized by public and private entities that have rewarded us

Our human resources - our talented team.

Our human resources – our talented team.

for our achievements in promoting the Colombian emerald and Colombian emerald jewelry design.

In 2010 we had the opportunity to be shanghai expo representing the our products and our country. Returning, our president was awarded by the House of Representatives with the Knight’s Cross.





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